We’ve blogged extensively around the new paradigm of business communications. Mobility, Work From Home (WFM), Teams, Cloud Calling and other topics. We have also witnessed enormous demands for this type of technology and company moves to rapidly adopt.

But as with the pandemic, “only” 10% of the US population has contracted the virus – so too is true that the move to full blown native cloud communications is in its infancy with less than 5% of all PBX seats moving to cloud. Over the last several months, Avaya, Siemens (formerly Unify and now ATOS), NEC, and Vertical Communications have all partnered with native cloud communications companies to help them migrate their aging PBX base. Along with Cisco, there are well over 100m communications extensions still wired to a PBX.


What’s Next:

These manufacturers have concluded their calling technology, although it was good, is now antiquated with the way organizations communicate today and consume the solutions. Companies now use Teams based software from Cisco, Microsoft, and Slack to more efficiently communicate. Companies have adopted Zoom, Webex Meetings, Google Meetings, and Microsoft for video conversations whether they are one to one or one to many, and companies like Ring Central, 8×8, and Vonage offer cloud native calling solutions.

What’s not apparent is calling, teams, and video now have formed the three legged stool for effective communications. Even less apparent though is the importance of these applications to be fully functional under a single communications application.


Platform is critical

Over the next few years we will witness a historic shift in communications to the cloud; the mainstays of today will be gone tomorrow. Ceding your customers to a native cloud company is a disservice to your customers. Although these manufacturers have essentially become agents for certain cloud communications companies, is it in the best interest to move you, the customer, to that particular relationship if that company can not support your growing needs?

At Altus, we are a native cloud communications service provider backstopped by Cisco. We can tailor calling, teams, and meetings along with contact center on a single bill. These technologies are all market leading – we hear about Zoom, however Webex Meetings leads the market in users, minutes, security, and ease of use. Webex Teams sits directly next to Microsoft Teams and Slack in all the analyst reports and Webex Calling is clearly number one in the market and can easily support small to very large organizations both domestically and internationally. Even more important, all of the applications run on the Cisco global network and not some band aided together interface of applications. Platform is critical and no company with the exception of Cisco has a global platform to fulfill today needs and requirements.

To learn more about Altus Webex reach out to your Altus team, or check out the latest from the Cisco product team.


About Altus

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