Cloud Contact Center is top of mind.  According to a recent survey of 700 contact center executives, over 62% plan to implement a cloud contact center withing the next 18 months. 

Over the next several weeks Altus will be hosting a series of virtual lunch and learns to help contact center administrators and CIOs and IT leaders stay abreast of the latest offerings in cloud contact center. If you would like to attend one of these sessions, please sign up here or contact Altus directly.  For two years in a row, Aragon has named Cisco a leader in intelligent contact centers.  Below are a few key reasons why.

Key Acquisitions

Always aware of the build vs. buy trade-off, Cisco has a long record of acquiring emerging technologies and integrating them into best-of-breed offers.  The company has recently made several key acquisitions to the AI capabilities of its contact center practice, particularly Voicea, Mindmeld, and CloudCherry.  Now more than ever, the contact center of the future is about empowering agents to be more productive and delivering superior customer experiences, and AI is a key driver of that trend.

End-to-End Encryption

Security is in Cisco’s DNA.  The company continues to invest in its encryption and security capabilities, recognizing that the contact center is a nexus of many different types of sensitive information.  A hard-earned reputation for reliability and security is not something that Cisco is willing to jeopardize.

Open Ecosystem

Cisco’s open, flexible Webex cloud contact center architecture allows customization and application integrations, as well as seamless management and user experiences.  The company is committed to helping customers deploy the latest contact center capabilities in a way that fits with their existing ERP, accounting and CRM systems.

To learn more about Webex Contact Center reach out to your Altus team, join one of our upcoming webinars, or check out the latest from the Cisco product team.


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