As many states begin to reopen, organizations of all types are faced with a new normal. How do we make sure our team members have all the tools they need to effectively and efficiently communicate and collaborate, both internally and externally?

Much like other communications service providers, Altus saw early indications of the virus by the spike in demand for our Webex meeting services and the enormous amount of orders to help facilitate organizations moving their workforce from a fixed office to home office for social distancing and stay-at-home orders. Although Altus is an essential service as a regulated telecommunications carrier and had the option to work from our offices, we are also a cloud-first company and quickly gave our team members the choice to work from home or the office. 

Before long, most of the team was working remotely. Our use of Webex Meetings saw exponential increases while Webex Teams became an easy way to chat (fully encrypted) one-to-one or one-to-many in various types of “work” spaces and “team” spaces. Use of email for internal conversations began to diminish. Although the Meetings and Teams workloads in Webex saw significant increases, so did the Calling workload. No, we didn’t just forward our office number to our cell phone, we used our mobile calling application where we could easily four digit dial team members, place external calls with our business numbers, and receive inbound calls on our work numbers. Most importantly, our team was able to stay deeply connected with each other, our customers, and partners.

We did see many organizations with limited or non-existent business continuity plans struggle. Some large organizations who had on-premise contact centers or telephone systems worked at half-staff, despite the health risks and stay-at-home orders, where remote delivery of communications simply wasn’t possible. Other companies attempted to send gear to employees’ homes so they could remotely log on to their phone system, resulting in bandwidth and performance issues both at the main site and home.  Many companies, of course, ceased all normal business activity.  Those businesses that fared better were the ones who had contemplated and embraced mobility, conferencing, and business continuity before the pandemic hit.

As companies now begin to slowly re-open, now is the time for your organization to review the needs for communications and collaboration.  Unfortunately, this pandemic is showing no signs of ending anytime soon, and companies of all shapes and sizes need to adapt to the new ways of working, whether in the office or at the home office.


About Altus

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