Whether by force of circumstances, or by choice, companies around the world are rapidly moving towards a new normal when it comes to enabling remote workers.   Businesses of all shapes and sizes are sharing their ideas on how to promote a healthy and productive remote work culture.

Here are our top ten recommendations for making an effective transition:

  1. Keep regular work hours and schedules. Maintain a healthy work-life balance and don’t let work bleed into personal time.
  1. Create a dedicated space for work. A study, table or chair in the living room are all acceptable.  But please, do not work in your bedroom as that can have a negative impact on the psychological separation of ‘work’ from ‘rest’.
  1. Dress for work. Looking put together, even if it’s not business casual, can create a sense of professionalism and purpose.  The way you look is important, and the way you work is important.
  1. Take scheduled breaks. Most people’s productivity drops off noticeably after 3-5 hours of sustained work.  Schedule lunch, take a walk, or go outside with your children for 15 minutes to break up the day and get the mental reset that you need for maximum productivity.  Short bursts of physical activity can have a huge impact on your ability to concentrate.
  1. You are what you eat. Have healthy snacks and meals at hand.  Don’t forget to feed the machine.
  1. Create a plan for your children. Activities, games, schoolwork, and unstructured play time are all important.  Screen time is also OK in moderation.  Try to create a cadence over the course of the day for your children, just like you do for yourself.
  1. Communicate regularly. Do not operate on an island but remain in contact with your colleagues, customers and business partners.
  1. Ensure device connectivity. Work can be done across all kinds of devices and network connections.  Make sure your mobile phone and laptop are ready to go with the apps and internet access you need.
  1. Select the right collaboration tools. You know the drill!  Get the new Webex A-Work bundle from Altus for complete voice, video, meetings and team collaboration.  Altus provides a single SKU that includes Webex Work licensing, phone numbers, unlimited domestic calling and U.S. helpdesk.
  1. Keep an eye toward the future and stay positive. While this pandemic will eventually pass, some of the new ways of working are here to stay. And that can be a good thing.


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