What began as a trickle of “stay at home” orders has swelled to a torrent in the past week as governments across the country and the world continue to grapple with the novel COVID-19 pandemic.  Earlier this morning Dr. Anthony Fauci urged all states to implement stay-at-home policies for non-essential businesses and workers.

As the economic damage sadly increases across many sectors of the economy with week after week of record unemployment numbers, companies of all shapes and sizes are grappling with what to do.  Some, like Macy’s, Disney and Marriott have plans to shut locations and furlough tens of thousands of workers.  Other companies, like HCA and Cummins are reducing salaries across the board.  And, of course, there are many businesses, particularly hospitality, event companies, retailers and restaurants, who simply can’t function and are laying people off.

Unfortunately, it appears that what began as a two-week slow-down is poised to last for two months or more, with no end in sight for affected businesses and workers. 

The brightest spot, amidst all of the turmoil and dislocation, is coming from companies who are able to effectively shift to remote working and enable employees to continue performing their day to day tasks, even while out of the office.  Altus, as a leading provider of Cisco Webex is proud to offer best-of-class collaboration tools that enable remote workers to communicate across voice, video, and team workspaces. 

We certainly hope that our customers, colleagues and partners are able to remain safe through this crisis, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if your team needs help to enable remote working.  Our sincere gratitude goes out to the many frontline health workers who are putting themselves in harm’s way to serve our communities.


About Altus

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