A new report from Cisco predicts that connected devices will be 3x the global population by 2023.

The Annual Internet Report found that by 2023, there will be 5.3 billion total internet users representing two-thirds of the global population, up from just 3.9 billion or roughly half the global population in 2018.  The report also found that Mobile will represent a growing slice of that traffic as wireless network speeds approach those of wireline speeds with the advent of 5G.  By 2023 Cisco predicts that 10% of connections will be on 5G rather than legacy networks.

There are many implications from this trend towards a huge number of mobile devices being in virtually everybody’s hands.  A lot of ink continues to be spilled about the Internet of Things (IoT), importance of security, cloud technologies, and enterprise mobility.  According to VDC Research, there are already 1.3 billion mobile workers worldwide, which is approaching half of the total workers overall.   The biggest consequence for companies of all shapes and sizes as it relates to communications, is enabling their employees to embrace the technology, the flexibility offered by mobility, and not create security issues.

To maximize the benefits of IoT, businesses need to empower their workers to communicate in any way across all kinds of devices and networks.  Phone calls, video conferences, and persistent team workspaces need to be available to office workers and remote workers alike, across a single secure infrastructure.  Employees need to be able to collaborate not just internally with one another, but also externally with vendors, customers and partners.  Applications need to be easy to use.  One-click meeting type experiences.

At Altus we have embraced the new Webex suite to deliver on this promise.  Webex offers a comprehensive offering suite of voice, meetings, messaging and contact center across a single, highly available platform.  As cloud communications moves up-market beyond the micro SMB segment, we see very few vendors as well positioned as Cisco to capitalize on the flexibility and ease-of-use that are part of the shift towards Mobile and IoT, without sacrificing security and reliability.  Closed ecosystems, where one vendor controls all applications or where companies completely shut out third party mobile and remote devices, are not going to win in the new business climate.  We urge IT leaders, CTOs and business executives to think hard about what IoT will mean for their business communications platform.


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