BroadSoft, the newest piece of the Cisco ecosystem, found in a recent survey that 80% of businesses are considering moving to cloud based Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), and that 57% of companies are actively evaluating solutions right now.  The BroadSoft survey include over 1,000 enterprise IT decision makers at organizations of all different sizes and across different industries.  To get the full survey go here.  The core survey finding held consistent across all of the sectors they researched: UCaaS is the newest must-have technology as companies of all shapes and sizes continue to adapt to the digital world.  Looking deeper into the data, trying to find the “why”, we see several things.  Perhaps most importantly, we see that transitioning your business communications to a cloud UCaaS provider allows your internal IT resources to focus on other issues, with the knowledge that the communications piece of the puzzle is taken care of.  Updates occur automatically in the cloud, and the end users can manage most of their communications needs themselves or with the UC provider directly without involving internal IT.  In addition, we see that

Adoption Drivers 

The survey found that the biggest drivers for UCaaS adoption arose from the way these solutions redressed core business priorities for the IT decision makers:

  • Mobility – “Better service for mobile and remote users” (79% of survey respondents)
  • Productivity – “General improvement of employee productivity” (78%)
  • Agility – “No needs for upgrades, the service will always be up-to-date” (78%)
  • Operations – “We wanted to reduce our IT staff effort for communications” (70%)

Offering Requirements

Another key set of findings from the BroadSoft survey centered around offering requirements for purchasers of UCaaS.  The survey found that users want a complete and integrated solution.  79% of those surveyed said that consolidating with a single vendor reduced costs and complexity of managing business communications.  Additionally, respondents indicated that it was important the UCaaS solution offered a single user experience across all devices, whether desk phone, desktop softphone, mobile app, or tablet.   Furthermore, offerings that integrated with workflow tools like email, calendar, and CRM systems scored higher than those that did not.  It is clear that companies are expecting their communications platform to move them well beyond the traditional requirements of core telephony.


Unsurprisingly, some of the same concerns that have faced other cloud applications continue to be present in the minds of prospective UCaaS purchasers.  Security, and concerns around data privacy remain important, as do fears around a loss of control and call quality.   UCaaS providers have taken important steps to overcome these fears, however, with high availability services hosted in secure carrier data centers, enhanced end user and administrator portals for simplified service configuration, and new network monitoring tools and bandwidth optimization technologies.

About Altus

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