The IT industry is undergoing a period of dramatic change as organizations of all sizes look to the cloud to consume best of breed business applications at the click of a button across all kinds of devices and networks.  A recent BCG survey of 750 CIOs indicated that nearly 2/3rds of companies have plans to migrate a piece of their IT stack to the cloud within the next 18 months.  It is undoubtedly trued that the cloud can make us work smarter, faster, and cheaper, but many companies aren’t getting all they should from their investment—because the cloud has an Achilles’ heel—a poorly optimized network.

The Cloud’s Achilles’ Heel

Unfortunately for many companies, they overlook the importance of the network in their rush to embrace cloud applications.  A poorly optimized network, whether on the LAN side or the carrier side, can easily destroy the anticipated value of cloud deployments and applications.  The network can become a bottleneck, with applications running much more slowly than they should, and user experience suffering as a result.  The inevitable consequence is outrage from the line of business at IT managers and cloud vendors, when the real problem all along has been a lack of focus on network capacity.

Invest In Your Network

CIOs and IT decision makers should take the time to evaluate their network requirements before rushing into cloud deployments.   On the carrier side, this means organizations should consider redundant circuits from separate carriers, dedicated connections for real-time applications like VoIP, and wireless backup to utilize in conjunction with standard best efforts broadband connections.  On the LAN side, companies should prioritize time-sensitive data traffic and invest in the modern network infrastructure (switches, routers, firewalls, access points, etc.) to ensure their users enjoy a good experience.  Do not let your next cloud deployment fail because of network issues.

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