We have all been there: your business phone system malfunctions, you need software updates, or you simply need to reprogram some extensions or move some phones around. And then you get hit with a bill for some service work that seems completely out of relation to the degree of difficulty. Didn’t Alexander Graham Bell invent the telephone in 1875? It’s been 142 years, things should be easier by now, right? Or at least less expensive…

How Much is Too Much?

For some people it’s as low as a couple hundred bucks, for others, maybe tens of thousands of dollars. It all depends on the situation, size of company, and resources at hand. For the three-site medical clinic I worked with last week, their number was $1,500. If they could nurse their PBX along for $1,500 or less than they were inclined to pay for the band-aid and kick the can down the road.

Throwing Money Away

Regardless, if you have an older on-premise phone system you need to determine at what point you stop replacing it piece by piece and focus instead on a complete re-haul. I speak with IT decision makers and business owners every day who recognize and understand that they need to refresh their communications. Some have already explored a cloud-based system and know what features these newer systems offer. What they don’t realize is that switching up phone systems today isn’t as painful as it was a few years ago.

Hosted VoIP: Why Wait?

What most of my clients are expecting is a lengthy discussion regarding swapping out their old PBX, pulling cables, replacing phones, and spending lots and lots of money up front. In the old world, dominated by on-premise phone systems, it was easy to rationalize throwing an $1,500 band-aid on an ailing system, knowing you could squeak out a few extra months or maybe even a year or two before biting the bullet the larger outlay. This type of thinking is outdated.

Depending on the size and complexity of your desired system, what you used to spend on a PBX band-aid could cover your entire upfront cost, or even a couple of months’ worth of service. I typically tell folks who are on the fence to consider what makes sense. When you realize that your system is going to need to be replaced, should you wait for it to completely break down and disrupt your business or take the responsible route and get in front of the problem. There is no longer a large outlay of cash required to get the latest and greatest in business communications.

And, beyond the dollars and cents, this is the larger point. Newer cloud based phone systems offer huge advantages in terms of features, mobility, redundancy, ease of administration, and connecting dispersed sites and workers. These advantages cannot be replicated by on premise PBXs. Why wait? Stop throwing money at that old PBX.

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